Creative Round Up #1

Monday, August 08, 2016

My favorite creative resources, tutorials, or inspiration from around the web.
Photo Credit: Chaitra - Creative Convex
Hey guys! Today I thought I would share a round up of some things that I am loving or that are inspiring me lately from the creative community. Read on for a list of some artsy goodness!

  • Mari Orr's free art for the month of August is just so dreamy. If you don't follow her on Instagram (or Snapchat, or her email list, or pretty much anywhere) then you are missing out! Mari is one of my favorite artists, plus she is just super sweet and fun! :)
  • Johanna's watercolor gem tutorial over on Studio Bicyclette is really easy to try. If you're new to watercolor, or if you just want to do it for fun, you'll surely end up with a cute little painting to hang up on your wall. 
  • Lexy has a cute printable for a back to school teacher gift on her blog. But if you don't have kids, I still think that it's a really adorable idea for a gift to any artist or creative friend. Just tie a ribbon around some paintbrushes and add a pretty tag for a sweet and simple gift. Another fun idea would be if you're hosting a paint party with friends or for your kids, you could buy some inexpensive packs of paintbrushes and set a bunch out on the table for each guest. 
  • Jennie's blog post on journaling myths is really helpful if you're like me and want to have some kind of creative journal but don't know where to start. She included a list of different ways you could use your journal too.
Hope you guys enjoy this little round up. For more creative inspiration, check out my Pinterest! :)


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