My Recent Small Business Art Purchases

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A round up of recent art purchases from different small businesses, ranging from clothing, art prints, and photography prints.

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Recently I have made quite a few purchases from different artists, and I thought that I would share them on the blog. One reason being, I think that shopping from small businesses is really important, especially being an artist myself. If I want to be a successful artist, it's only right that I too support other artists as much as I can! Purchasing from fellow artists is great obviously, but even just sharing their work is a nice thing to do. 

Prints from Cloudy Thurstag, andsmilestudio, Jovana Rikalo, and Holly Exley

The other reason is that since I always love discovering new artists, I figured I'd share my purchases in case you haven't seen the work of these lovely ladies yet! I've linked to all of their shops and the products themselves if possible.

Bad Girls Art Club Tee from Drawings by Annabelle.

First is this T-shirt and tank top from Annabelle. When I saw this Bad Girls Art Club shirt I knew I had to have it! Truthfully, I'll always be a good girl who secretly wishes she was a bad girl haha! Nonetheless, I love the rough brushstroke logo and the idea of showing off my pride in being an artist :)

Postcard set from Holly Exley

Next, are these lovely watercolor postcards from Holly! She also has a YouTube channel with awesome videos on her painting, vlogs, advice for artists, etc. I actually first discovered her from YouTube, and I just think she's awesome.

Thrift Shop Print from Cloudy Thurstag

Technically I didn't purchase this print, but ended up winning it from a giveaway on Sandra's blog, Artistic Moods. However, I have been a fan of Cloudy's work for a while and loved this print in particular!

A Bouquet of Peonies Print from andsmilestudio

I've been a fan of Viktorija's work for a while now too, and I am obsessed with this peony print! Plus, she included all these cute branding pieces with her artwork, which was an unexpected surprise!

Yellow Art Print from Jovana Rikalo

Last but not least, is actually a photography print. In all honesty, I've always preferred to collect paintings and drawings as opposed to photographs, but I couldn't resist this print from Jovana Rikalo. She's seriously such a talented photographer, I just want to buy all of her prints! Not to mention that I am quite partial to portraits. I have her to thank for piquing my interest in photography now.

And that's it for my recent acquisitions to my art collection! Did you discover any new artists? Plus, I'd love to know any artists that you love! Let me know your favorites in a comment below. Like I said, I love discovering new artists :)

Illustration from the blog post graphic is from the *Watercolor Craft Collection on


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