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I'm Krista, a color obsessed artist who works primarily in watercolor, colored pencil, and ink. I'm passionate about living a creative life, so I love trying different creative activities (painting, drawing, crafts, you name it!) Hopefully, I can inspire and help others to live creatively too, which is why I created this blog - here you might find art tutorials, illustrations, freebies, and other creative pursuits. My intention is to create a space for personal expression, creativity, and inspiration. Now just for fun, here's a couple of random facts to let you get to know me better :)

  1. I am Japanese, English, Irish, and Scottish.
  2. Coke over Pepsi, always (However, I only drink Diet Coke because I don't like the taste of regular soda)
  3. I love Harry Potter (I'm a Ravenclaw by the way)
  4. I am a very shy introvert.
  5. I love Kpop (Korean pop music) and Korean dramas
  6. My Myers-Briggs type is INFJ
  7. Favorite TV Show: Gilmore Girls
  8. Favorite Book: The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson (Harry Potter too, of course, but it's a book series, which is totally different)
  9. I love action movies (Bonus points if Jason Statham or Liam Neeson are involved)
  10. I can't remember song lyrics unless I actually hear the song
If you want to buy any prints of my illustrations, check out my Society6. Or, if you need any graphics for your designs, I also sell illustrations through Creative Market.

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Thanks for stopping by my virtual home :)